Sunday, May 11, 2014

NHL - If each franchise had to camp in two cities... .

Let's do 15-20 games in these cities.

Penguins of Cleveland
Rangers of Albany
Stars of Little Rock
Sabres of Seattle
Maple Leafs of Halifax
Canadiens of Quebec City
Blue Jackets of Cincinnati
Black Hawks of Omaha
Bruins of Hartford
Predators of Atlanta
Hurricanes of Houston
Panthers of Morgantown
Kings of Las Vegas
Ducks of Milwaukee
Avalanche of Boise
Lightning of San Antonio
Capitals of Austin
Sharks of Green Bay
Coyotes of Salt Lake City
Jets of North Dakota (shale field site)
Islanders of Honolulu
Canucks of Regina
Red Wings of Jacksonville
Flyers of Indianapolis
Wild of Portland
Blues of New Orleans
Flames of Quebec
Oilers of Saskatoon
Devils of Baltimore
Senators of Red Deer

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