Thursday, December 18, 2014

East Coast Feds. Imagine this NHL Franchise

Should not the Panthers just vacate Florida?

How about as an alternative to total vacation, in the sense of the word meaning "totally vacating" Miami, let's turn the Panthers into a NHL Travel team that enters, let's say 9 newer American markets.

Imagine the NHL touching more of these markets:
Albany, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Atlantic City, Virginia Beach/Hampton Roads area, Louisville and Atlanta.

I have also dream-schemed a North Coast named team and other tweaks such as:
West Coast
Great Lakes

click:  Dakota NHL Team

Is this East Coast enough ?

Included in some of these are the above mentioned cities and the likes of OKC, Austin, Houston, Las Vegas, Portland and Seattle.

Any other names for an East Coast brand?
East Coast American MountiesFleet     Battle Group     Lakers     Blockade     Yankees
     Shippers     Workers     Blue Collars     Dockman     Colonials     Railers

What do you think?

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