Sunday, November 30, 2014

MLS Expansion. A team called "Upstate". More Upstate New York NHL also?

The cities of western New York, the central Syracuse and the capital sitting east in Albany making up four big towns, all have over half a million people.  Imagine three venues housing Major League Soccer

1.) Rochester/Buffalo, 2.) Syracuse and 3.) Albany

Wouldn't major soccer be great there?  Once a month it would be in two of the towns.  Perhaps in imagination land we would consider cutting Syracuse out of the mix.
What to call them?
Upstate Emperors
Empire North
Northlanders, Norse, Norsemen
The Brigade
Upstate Roadcrew?  Or is that just wrong?
Inland Emperors?  Or is that reserved for California?
Upstate Fleet Foot

What about an NHL team for Syracuse and Albany in between the isle and international waterway?
Gun to your head, how would that work?
What would they be called?  Waivers (Wavers)?  Nationals?
Staties?  Regulators?  Statesmen?  Upstatesmen?  Great Lakers?

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The allure of hockey or soccer
Hockey Soccer

Want other teams???????? Look at the logic: 

What if the Rangers just split time with Albany or Syracuse?  And one of the NY Football Clubs.:

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