Saturday, August 30, 2014

Expansion Team Chatter for Hockeytown NHL. Vegas finally going pro.

I think it's a little premature with the talk of Las Vegas, especially with the existence of Arizona hockey.  I'm a little disappointed Portland didn't get a nod but know that it's more about Seattle.
Toronto Dos and Quebec City seem golden.
Just make the West Coast Coyotes a brand housed in two towns:  Portland and Las Vegas.

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Would Vegas be just some more ice melt?
Las Vegas NHL.  Will this be a mirage or so hollow it echoes all the way to Arizona.

Will MLS get there first?

Other mentions of mine:  Cleveland and Milwaukee getting the Great Lakes Armada or Fleet.
Great move for Panther hockey.  Seeing a Cleveland writer's mention to the "North Coast" doesn't seem like a bad geographic moniker either.  Imagine all that could root for hockey as the team of north coast nation?

And Nashville combining with Atlanta to become the Southern Predators.

So, West Coast, Southern and Great Lakes (North Coast).  And then, in some other expansion, what about a Hartford based club that camps in Atlantic City, Baltimore and Miami every once in awhile called the East Coast Blockade,....or something or other.

So, I've expanded the nod to Cleveland, Portland and Milwaukee.  And maybe some more Jersey, Baltimore and back in Hartford.  And countless camps and countries (regions) with my nod to expansive proper names for teams like north, south, east and west.

Markets of size but maybe not ready yet.  As proven:  Atlanta.
Houston.  That may be about it.

For my home region, I'm going to harp on something before signing off:  With my home (camp) team argument, the NHL could be substantiated throughout other towns.  Imagine a Great Lakes brand of hockey spreading it's home (camp) games through Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Cincinnati and Cleveland.  Ten games here, ten games spread there.  It's better to flirt and date with that hot tamale than not at all, right?  An alliance versus the likes of the Blue Jackets, Sabres, Red Wings and Blackhawks.  The Fleet taking on Toronto.
Great Lakes Country: what kind of apparel cash cow could that be for the NHL?

Money burning holes in your pocket?  Wikipedia is a go-to to get your bearings:

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