Sunday, October 5, 2014

Some NHL Expansion Talk

What I would like to see?  A successful franchise camping in multiple (even if perhaps questionable) markets in a region.  A Seattle/Portland Northwest brand team would work.  There is room to branch off in the future and skimming toes in the water before "jumping" in.  Nashville was a success and Atlanta wasn't.  Who'd uh thunk?

We're pretty sure Toronto is going to deservedly get it's second franchise and some Nordique action will be played again in Quebec City.  And we'll get an American team.  Las Vegas is too questionable in many o' minds.  I'd really be for the West Coast Coyotes doing the deed in Vegas and the Northwest metropolises.  But go ahead and expand to those camp cities.  But still,....Arizona...., re-brand yourself as "Western" of some sort and share time in Austin, Texas !!!

But really, I'm for the Coyotes to expand camp to other cities as a west coast brand.  And that way the NHL could use their third chip for an expansion in the Great Lakes region with a shared team from Milwaukee to Cleveland and places in between like Cincinnati and Indianapolis.  The Great Lakes Armada or Fleet has a ring to it.

A lot of this is rehash of things I have already said in my blog. 
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