Thursday, September 25, 2014

"West Coast" named Franchises get an MLB, NFL and NHL Team. Bigtime Win for Portland and Vegas.

Oakland, your franchises should share or vacate altogether.  I'm talking about the A's and Raiders.

The "West Coast" is perfect for my scheme to have one sports franchise in a region while locating in a few places.  Home games at camps.  Let's say, like the California Angels playing in Oakland also, while the Texas Rangers play in Dallas and Austin, and the Marlins, named Florida again, play in Miami and Jacksonville.

Arizona.  Arizona Coyotes doesn't resonate with me, especially with big show hockey vacant from Portland and Seattle.  Share them with San Diego, Las Vegas, Portland and/or Seattle and I'll let you have a little desert ice.  Okay, I can only dictate my imaginary world, but it's fun.  West Coast Coyotes

The NFL and MLB in Portland and Las Vegas!!!  How sweet.
It is a big "no-duh" to speak of the Raiders in L.A. again.  But I'd prefer the Rams back in the City of Angels.

Am I missing the NBA for West Coast representation in the Big 4?  A "West Coast" NBA team in Seattle and San Diego would be fantastic.  That would be a great fit for the West Coast Clippers, wouldn't you say?  Las Vegas could be lumped in there also.

I have also dream-schemed a "Great Lakes" hockey team playing in the likes of Cleveland and Milwaukee.  It's throughout my blog.
You get the idea.  The possibilities go on and on.

Some action, maybe exhibition, for Anchorage and Honolulu?

If you build it.

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