Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Ohio MLS. The C-Bus.

Thinking of sister city shared MLS teams and for Ohio, it was a tough one.  Who deserves a Crew team more, Cleveland or Cinci?  Somewhere in between Cleveland-Akron or Dayton-Cinci would seemingly be a great choice for the suburban demographic to reach games and I could dictate soccer stadiums there in my fantasy world.  But in the realistic economy, the Bengals and Browns already have suitable facilities.

I think the "C"-bus is appropriate moniker for Columbus and it's traveling nature to the other two big C towns.  And since I'm not really a dictator I wouldn't really mind that they're not the Ohio Crew, but just the Columbus (or C-bus) Crew and pay visit to the 'Seester Cities.  C-ster.  C-stir.  Get it?




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