Thursday, November 13, 2014

No More Two-Team Towns for a Sports League

What am I going to do with the Rangers, Clippers, Jets, Mets, Angels and White Sox?
At a loss is east to west, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.

And standing to gain?

As American Big Five Sports Czar this is what I can think of now:
Portland Mets
Portland Jets
Las Vegas White Sox?  Or is that too much irony?
The Angels of Charlotte, I suppose.
Seattle Clippers
Seattle Rangers
And so the American Northwest would love me.
I suppose I could instead move the Islanders to Seattle since Long Island has thousands of seats that go empty and the Puget Sound and the Ocean are there, also.

So, it's got to be out with the Chivas and the other New York soccer MLS teams also... .

New York, you're slotting that team for the Carolina Kingdom though I would have to consider a strong call from Minnesota for a Norse or Norseman franchise.

Chivas, I'm splitting time with you.  You are playing in Las Vegas and Austin.  Call them "Western Union"?!
Western Divided?  Great West?  Or should I just change the team and move alone to Austin for the "Cattlemen Club"? 

Maybe the Ducks ol' Mighty?
Not 30 miles but an hour away is Anaheim's distance from Los Angeles.  Mashed together, it just seems like one city.  Gun to my head, if I had to move the Ducks I'd put them in Portland with serious consideration for Green Bay/Milwaukee, way closer to Milwaukee.  But as far as metro areas, I don't want to punish New Jersey for jumping over river, and for that sake I wouldn't want to move the Ducks, Devils or the Nets.

You mad, New York?

Though I want to move the Raiders back to Los Angeles with some play-time in Las Vegas.

Any input?

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