Tuesday, November 18, 2014

San Antonio: Visiting the Possibility of more Pro Sports

San Antonio is becoming Title Town NBA.  High times as a champion.  So, what are the chances of landing another big league team?

Monetarily, as it only requires over $15 billion in a market, the best chance is a Major League Soccer team.  Reality for the big sports expanding anytime soon isn't likely, but when it happens these days, it's MLS.  For the other sports, relocation is more likely.
Raiders?  It was thought to be a tease.
Athletics?  More of a chance but Texas, in name, already has the Rangers.


San Antonio is a Cincinnati size market.
Anymore, Austin is hot competition for Saint Anthony.  Thinking ahead, and I've mentioned this before in my blog, San Marcos is essentially a halfway point between the two bigger cities.  Planners should consider putting something there, like the next Texas NFL franchise.

What is a shell of a team in St. Louis, the Rams, I think would be a good move into the heart of Texas.  But the reality is that the Texans and Cowboys want their San Antonio to kick in tribute to the Lone Star mega towns.

SA is a Texas town in the heart of Texas.  You know they want football above all.  Thanks, Captain Obvious.


Recently, there was a mouth watering tease with luring in the Raiders.  Going back a little while, there was talk of luring baseball's Marlins.  But yeah, you better believe they want football.

Hockey?  Fat chance.  Houston doesn't have the NHL.  Or they don't have it yet.  Not a massive Canadian demand.  The River Walk never really freezes.
My bets would be for Austin landing the next hockey bid before all else in Texas.  Maybe even over Houston.  They're really hungry for the pros.  The Longhorns are loved, but yeah.


                         Texas areas with over a million people.
Dallas                                   6.3 million
Houston                                6 million
San Antonio                         2.1 million
Austin area with San Marcos 1.7 million
El Paso                                 1 million

MLS, then NFL, then MLB.....then NHL...?

All of the big league sports in 50 or 60 years?

Click for a peak at a MLS Stadium proposal

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