Friday, November 28, 2014

Kentucky Major League Soccer. The Big Leagues in Louisville

The fastest and most feasible landing for major sports spectatorship in Louisville and Kentucky is major league soccer.  The strongest American want is big league baseball and football but the biggest salivating to go on in Sluggersville has been taunts with the NBA.
The red and blue state:

The facilities are technically in place in the form of a football stadium and a soccer mainstay could be built for Major League Soccer in Louisville.  For now, MLS is absent Indy and Cinci, even St. Louis and the south in general.

A Louisville showcase could be the Kentucky Horsemen.

Kentucky Horsemen.

That's a bad ass name.  I'd jump river for that excursion. 

Another Sports League?

Here's how it can be done, if at all soon.

An NFL team to balance out an expansion out west in Los Angeles.
Hell, I'd be for the Rams moving from the Gateway lackluster to become the Kentucky Rams, Colonels or Horsemen.

Ditto for the NBA as far as a balance to a Seattle expansion or Clippers move to Seattle.  The association would probably get more support from a modern major sports virgin in Louisville than the likes of Pittsburgh, Cincinnati or the metropolises of Missouri.

MLS could work, but Louisville may have to get way in line behind markets like Minnesota, St. Louis, Indy and on and on.

$ports can be a perverse business as many others.  Louisville is contemporary virgin territory.

I could see an Indianapolis/Louisville baseball franchise called the American Crossroads Racers.  Indycars would be sported on the hat there and thoroughbreds in Kentucky.  Two smaller and charming ballparks brought up in both towns.

For the MLB or NHL, it could be a shared franchise,....a travel team of sorts.  I imagine MLS or MLB also having a possible travel team like the Southern Rivermen coasting down the Ohio and Mississippi along the lines of Memphis and New Orleans.

For the NHL, maybe a share could be the Predators being co-located in Atlanta and Louisville in addition to soundtown.

Flexibility with the imagination on and on ... .

I like the chances of MLS playing it safe for new territory in the south.  I really like the ring of the Kentucky Horsemen nestled against the north.

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