Saturday, September 6, 2014

Ohio Crew and Buckeye Blue Jackets

Columbus, I like ya' a lot.
But the C-Bus train routed for Cleveland and Cincinnati as well, I would love you bunches more.

The Ohio Crew playing soccer, primarily in Columbus with camp in other big C towns, would be greatness.
The C cities are blue collar as all hell.

The same goes for the hockey. 
Ohio Blue Jackets.
The logo is already poised.
I know you deserve the limelight.  But a bigger market is good.
I would be for Cleveland changing it's name to the Ohiotown Browns.  Ohiotown Bengals doesn't have a great ring to it.  And sharing the Ohio Valley Cavaliers.  And Eastland Indians.  More turf, more fans, right?

Soccer Stadiums ready:

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