Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Cleveland. Missing is the NHL and MLS.

Some new players in Cleveland?  A team for the home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by the lake under flame.  How so?  With time, one has to suppose.

It would be a good guess as to whether Cleveland would land big time soccer or hockey first.  It's butted up against another market. And adult Americans in general need to love soccer more.

Cleveland hosts the Big 3.  Cinci does not have the NBA.  Columbus has the other 2 of the Big 5 sports as it lies between Ohio's two corner cities.  If a team had to happen today, I'd be all about a MLS team called the "Ohio Battlegrounds".  They would play at the NFL sites in the buckeye state's north and southwest corners.

Cleveland has had many minor league ice teams through the years, even an IHL team called the Indians, in a time when it was in fashion to name all of the towns teams the same name.  Wikipedia provides good sports history placemark with some of those teams of old and new, like the Cleveland Barons, Lumberjacks and Lake Monsters.

The Big Five in Cleveland?
It'll happen someday.  It's just a thought today.

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