Friday, November 21, 2014

Kentucky Downs. The NFL in Louisville

I'm big on the thought that Louisville could house the NFL and NBA now.

If there isn't an NFL team in Toronto or the rest of Canada, here is where the Jaguars should go in the NFL East.  They won't.  The city of Jacksonville is locked in, just like other joke Florida Franchises.  But if they could move soon, I would like to see them as a Canadian team of sorts that travels the houses of CFL Canada.  But if they couldn't become the "Nord Force", as I've mentioned throughout this blog, I would love to see the NFL in Louisville.

Doesn't the "Kentucky Downs" have a ring to it?

That's Plan A.  Plan B is a little stickier.  It's more aligned to my theme of camping a team in two places.  I would love for the Rams to vacate St. Louis for Portland and Las Vegas and the Raiders moving for Los Angeles.  And then St. Louis could share with Louisville.  Maybe call them the "River Downs"?

But back to Kentucky.  The Downs.  The Colonels?  Stallions?  Thoroughbreds?  The 'Breds..... no, no, that would be horrid.

Sounds tough.
Might as well be the 'Skins with a name like that in our political climate.
Kentucky Downs.  I really like it.

Instant rivalry with the Colts and Bengals, don't you think?

Are there any good areas in Louisville to be re-purposed for big time Kentucky?

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