Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Puerto Rico MLB Team. East Coast.

110 miles long by 40 miles wide with 3.6 million people.  Wouldn't this piece of the United States be suitable for a tag along as an "East Coast" franchise shared travel team in Major League Baseball?


Imagine, in addition to playing in Puerto Rico a team called something like the East Coast Emperors or Armada played in these area as well:
Hampton Roads
Atlantic City

All things being equal that would be 20 home games a piece, right?

East Coast Emperors?  Waves?  Cruisers?  Armada?  Seadogs.... Swabbies ....Swarm....Shippers ...Landers?

In Latin America, big league baseball will be in Monterrey and Mexico City someday.  Will it be in Puerto Rico before then?

A downer:  Logistics.  San Juan to Miami is over a thousand miles by air or sea.
Another hindrance is that they're poor in relative terms.

But as I have been saying throughout parts of my blog, ticket prices are becoming increasingly less important.
Got any creative insights?

On new foreign land joining the fun:  http://baseballguru.com/ctomarkin/analysisctomarkin09.html

Who will have the next MLB team outside of the mainland U.S.?  Right now my vote is Monterrey, Mexico.  It's kind of in the center of it all.

Puerto Rico?

No doubt, Puerto Rico deserves more of a live share.


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