Friday, November 21, 2014

MLB in Buffalo? Yes, you just need to Build a Stadium. Or maybe not even that.

How about a 30,000 seat stadium to host the Yankees for 20 games a year?

New York, New York.
Buffalo, New York

Or go with the existing structure for the Triple A Buffalo Bisons ballclub.

Dowtown Ball Park, Coca-Cola Field,...whatever it's called, has over 18,000 seats.  It was built with the foresight of growth possibility, as Buffalo is ranked as a decent MLB candidate:

The New York Yankees.  Mets?  Buffalo Blue Jays (is that their affiliation now?).  Either way, the New York name is already in place for the Mets or Yankees to play ball on the north side. Part-time regular season better than no time, right?

The structure is in place to go from 18 to 40 thousand seats.  Good foresight by the builders.  Coca-Cola Field.

So, while on the subject, what about visiting the possibility of other major league sports in Buffalo?
Do Buffalonians even want an NBA and/or MLS team?  Anytime soon, realistically, as with my thoughts on shared New York baseball, I believe the new New York Football Club could do time in a conceived New York Yankee (and Football) Club Stadium built in Buffalo.

Hot stove pipe that, Buffalo.

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