Sunday, November 2, 2014

Texas Excited and more MLS Presence Out West

"Texas Excited" sound cooler than "Texas United"?

It's a name with a contemporary American twist. 

FC Dallas and the Houston Dynamos are no San Antonio Spurs.  The two big cities nearly occupy every major league and the only other Texas market that even has one outside of the big metros is San Antone.  And Austin is only about 80 miles from there.  San Marcos is seated between the two towns.

The El Paso area is less than 600 miles from the heart of Texas.  It is approaching a population of 700,000 people with over a million in the area.  There's a strong Latin American presence.

Two soccer parks, one each in those two Texas locations would be great.

Western United?  Imagine placement of that team in San Antonio and Phoenix.  A showing or two in Boise.  OKC.  Albuquerque.  MLS should capitalize on the presence of Latin America's appreciation of soccer.

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