Sunday, May 4, 2014

A re-brand for Chivas USA. Will the Geography of the Team be re-branded as well?

If an anglified Galaxynamed team is already for Los Angeles, I'm curious to see what the MLS will go for.

SBNation article
NBC Sports logo-leaked(?) article

I think a SoCal Southern Cali moniker would be neat.
I am a big fan of re-branding the geography or place of a team.  I'm a big fan of the Miami Marlins becoming the Florida Marlins again and splitting field time with Tampa.  If big league baseball ever relocates or expands to a place like Portland I'm more for a more inclusive expanse of a surname like the Timber Land Jackers.  Or the Timber Landers of the great northwest or Oregon.  New England has got it down.

I'd be a fan of the West Coast named team that spends a little less time in L.A. and some more time in  Vegas and San Fran.  I'm big on the spread-the-love.

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