Sunday, November 23, 2014

San Diego: Visiting the Possibility of more Pro Sports

San Diego, do you want the NBA, NHL and Major League Soccer in your city?

I'm not sure you do.  I'm in the same situation.  I live in Cincinnati with MLB and NFL just like you.
You're south.  I live closer to the real thought of what is the American "South".  I didn't grow up playing pickup games of hockey.  Most Americans haven't.  But if you did, it's most likely because you lived closer to the very north.

Your population is robust (top 10 in the nation), but living in proximity to L.A. (second largest in U.S.) does you no favors probably.  In my town, the NHL isn't 100 miles away.  You're a little more distant from Los Angeles as Cincinnati is from Columbus but I think Cincinnati would be more likely to land a team than you.  We're more north, and we're not close to two teams, the Ducks and Kings.  There are cornfields segregating C-Bus from Cinci.  Also, in an effort to achieve more east-west balance, you know Portland and Seattle will get a team before you.  Maybe even Salt Lake City or Las Vegas.  In the east, Atlanta is probably likely to get another chance sometime, but there is probably a smaller waiting list, the likes of Milwaukee, Indianapolis and Cleveland, all near Cincinnati.  Google does tell me that there is a die-hard San Diego following in the historically resurfacing practice of Gulls hockey, though the Pacific doesn't freeze over on your shores.   But Cinci and SD were both playing in the Freezer Bowl and it was in Ohio, so ..... .

I wish the Clippers would've came back to San Diego.  I wish they went to Seattle, also.  In both towns I think that the West Coast Clippers could be one hell of a money-maker team camping out, especially with apparel and a few appearances camped out in Las Vegas.

I'm surprised there isn't more noise about MLS in San Diego.  Your relationship and position to Mexico cannot be ignored.  And the Chivas share a place.  Did you even really try to coax the old Chivas to become California United Somethingorother in your house?  Sharing with Sacramento, to go-along with my franchise safety net theme, would definitely be neat as Cali United.

You guys way down in Southern Cali should advertise more.  Or not.

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