Saturday, September 6, 2014

MLS Expansion for the likes of Detroit, Cincinnati, Knoxville, Atlanta and Miami. One Team to Kick Off With. One Name tuh' Boot.

The connections between these towns?  Interstate Highway 75.  I-75.
One team.  5 camps.
A foot in the water for the markets.

What would this (for all intents and purposes) "travel" home (camp) team be called?
The 75 Roadrunners.
Road Warriors?
The 75 Americans
Spirit of 75?
Spirit 75
Or the 75 ______
or ______.
You name it.

One team.  5 camps.

Fill in the gaps.

And you know what?  I see potential for the big holes like Little Rock, OKC, St. Louis, Minnesota and the likes.  I would call it the Heartland Wildfire.  Or Stampede.  Any gaps out west to fill like Las Vegas and central Texas?
Then....years down the line:  Oklahoma Lightning.  Carolina Bootleggers.  Las Vegas Rumble.  Cincinnati Monarchs and on and on.

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And please feel free to contribute your two cents with mine. 
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