Thursday, November 27, 2014

Salt Lake City: Visiting the Possibility of more Pro Sports

SLC, you're like Portland.  You have 2/5 of the big sports, the NBA and MLS.

1.15 million people encompass the city area with about 10% residing within the city limits proper.

Attendance for the Jazz ranks 12 out of 30.

MLS in Utah's capital fairs with the like of the nation's capital:

So, as a Utah sports fan, the question becomes what's next?


My guess would be "yes" to all, falling in that order.  Eventually.

Football-wise, there is weekly attendance and we just know that it would work.
Considering MLB, your population is half of pro baseball's birthplace in Cincinnati, which wouldn't make the cut, but your minor league hockey edges out Cincinnati, which happens to be located closer to Canada.

In each league, you also have to take a look at how much room there is for "new" teams/markets and see where you fall in line.  MLB is likely to land in Portland first....and then Charlotte.  NFL, well, Los Angeles is going to win that dog fight.  There would be a team in the east to balance that move, and you're not east so..... I'm sure you're not holding your breath already.  Utes and BYU for now.
In the NHL there is Seattle and pesky Portland in line.

If there was a gun to the Big Five Grand Poobah's head, and a big time team had to affiliate itself as Utah, I bet you how it would work by the next sports season or even tomorrow.  The team could be shared with Las Vegas.  A franchise coined "Western".  And it's either the NFL or NHL that is willing to dip its toe in the Vegas market.  Along those lines, I would like to fantasize that Vegas + SLC could be MLB if there was room for more than the two aforementioned metropolises of the Atlantic and Pacific coast variety.

If there isn't a travel team to camp out at Salt Lake City as a travel-share, when do you think you'll land the likes of the NFL, NHL and other big leagues, 2050?

Look at some method to the madness:

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