Saturday, November 15, 2014

Columbus: Visiting the Possibility of more Pro Sports

The only big league soccer and hockey teams in the buckeye state are housed in Columbus.
C-bus has a baseball team.  It's the Columbus Clippers, a Triple A ball club.

As a kid, I remember their affiliation with the Yankees.  Now, it's the Indians.
In a way, as a Cincinnatian I wish C-bus was the Reds AAA affiliate.  But for the Redlegs, Louisville is as pretty equidistant to Cinci as Columbus is.

There might not be enough room in the heart of the state for the NFL in Columbus.  Go Bucks.  You can take I-71 and it's just a medium drive away straight shot away to big cities away in Cleveland, Cincinnati, and for I-70 to reach Pittsburgh and Indianapolis.

Columbus is the largest city, though the third largest metro area in the state.

So what about the NBA?  If any, that would seemingly be the strongest likelihood though not likely a strong one anytime soon.  It might not necessarily be the case that Cinci outguns it for a shot, even though the state capital is fairly close to the Cleveland Cavs.  Market saturation is a factor.

Not considering the MLS, look at this chart: 
According to this study, NYC, LA, Chicago, Dallas and Philadelphia are right-sized or have a tiny bit of room for more.  So is Tampa and Portland.

I'm for a wider surname for a team in the Columbus region for the next one.  What about a basketball team called the Ohio Battle?  For the NBA, who does Cinci root for?  Some for Indy (it's closer) and some for the Cavs.  There is probably more of a Cavs tilt in Columbus.  Toledo is pretty much in the Detroit area.  I could argue a case that it would be better positioned in Dayton, which is in reach of both Cincinnati and Columbus.

Any input from someone from the C-Bus?

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