Thursday, November 27, 2014

Tennessee Pioneers MLB Team Might Play where NFL's Titans Should. Sharing the State. MLB Memphis and Nashville.

When you get the chance to be the first that is innovative in a big way, do it.

For the love of Tennessee Big League Baseball, spread it across the state.

80 homes games split into 2 locations would be 40 games a piece in Nashville and Memphis.  Add Knoxville into the mix and we're talking 26 games.  25,25,30, however you dice it.  It's your state.  Town to town the heart can grow fonder.
The Braves dominating the south is getting old.

I've drummed the theme in my my blog time and time again.  The Rangers in central Texas as well as the Dallas area; The Yankees additionally in Buffalo or Albany.  The re-coined and revisited California Angels added to Sacramento; Florida Marlins added to Jacksonville/Orlando, but really in Tampa - move the Rays.

How much sense does it make to have the Tennessee Sounds?  The bluesy tunes of Memphis and the country ballads of Nashville.

Boom.  Play that funky music in your morning coffee.


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