Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Major League Sports Franchise in Little Rock.

Little Rock has about 900,000 people in the area.

I have no doubt their SEC grounds would go for a team bid in the NFL.  And being a weekend venue with some Walmart family backing, it could happen.

A team in Arkansas could provide balance for an expansion team in Los Angeles.
What other cities east of the Mississippi lack and could sustain a Sunday team?  Probably Louisville.  If Canada ever came around we know Toronto would work.

Soccer in Arkansas?  Real Little Rock.  Really Little Rock.
The NBA maybe someday.
Probably not MLB in my lifetime.
Could probably give a fruit loop about ice lacrosse.
Just putting it out there and you probably already know:  OKC will probably get the loving before loyalty in Arkansas will ever be recognized in the Big Five sports.

Or is this crazy?

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