Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Out of the largest U.S. Markets, Who is Missing out of the Big Five Sports?

Here are the Dirty Dozen Big Pop. Towns and what they're missing:
LA                             Football!!!!!    What???!!!    Two and now none????!!!!!!
Houston    --NHL
Miami    ---Slated for MLS pending some stadium business
Atlanta   ---Slated for MLS in 2017.  And NHL Fail.
San Francisco (has it all when you say San Jose)
Phoenix     --MLS

Further on down the list, Detroit, Seattle, Minnesota, San Diego, Tampa, St. Louis and Baltimore round out an absence in the Top 20, Baltimore obviously being butted up against D.C. so no real demand there.

The absence of the NFL in Los Angeles is just plain crazy!  Nuthouse!!!

Houston probably could give a crap less about the NHL, much like Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and St. Louis care about the absence of the NBA.  In my opinion, if ever another Texas team, go for some excitement in Austin.  Go for "Texas Excited" (Think Texas United) or even "Texas Divided" (with the Dallas Dynamo presence).

For the MLS, the Latino population near Mexico would drum up some more love in Arizona sooner than later, one would think.  Minnesota can't be far off for soccer.  St. Louis couldn't be too much further behind.  Seattle for hockey.

What say you?


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