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Your Home Team's Home is a Camp. Regional Teams in Big League Sports.

The market realities for landing an expansion team are NOT RIGHT NOW.
Relocation is more plausible.  But which cities are even ready to receive a relocation?

Let's get real.
The operating cost of stadiums is a pain in the rear.  And a pain in the rear view for some municipalities in which taxpayers foot much of the bills
If there is not enough butts in the seats, or the capability of people buying an adequate amount of tickets to a game day in and day out or week in and week out, a city cannot expect to have a team in their town.

What does this article tell me?:
It tells me that in theory, the answer is yes.

Look at the market money purported to be the amount necessary to sustain the big leagues:

  • $85.4 billion for MLB
  • $37.6 billion for the NHL
  • $36.7 billion for the NFL
  • $34.2 billion for the NBA
  • $15.4 billion for MLS.

Notice that Nashville makes the cut (since around 2008).  And so do Columbus, Orlando, Sacramento and Austin.  Nashville ranked just ahead of San Antonio and Milwaukee.  Out of everyone stated, Milwaukee is the only one rocking MLB.  And so, yeah, Nashville and others have the money.  All of these cities but the Tennessee ones have the diamonds in their state already.

The Reds and Braves, who sandwich the Volunteer State, might secretly not care if the likes of Nashville ever get a team.  The Cardinals likely feel that way about Memphis, too.

And note that baseball's market money requirement is more than double the others.  So yeah if you're on the above list, for the other sports, let your MLS, NBA, NFL and hockey fantasies for your towns commence.

Do tickets cost cover operating cost of a stadium?
Should you use existing structures or an upgrade in your area to lull a team in?
The television revenue that is brought into sports exceeds that of the profits made by selling tickets.  This reality is a recent phenomenon.



It would be good, if a problem was that the amount of professional sports talent was so painfully good, that a sports league would have to expand.  Not really true just yet.
The reality either way, however, is that there aren't really many markets begging for a team and would be able to back it up, maybe outside of the NFL in Los Angeles being a sure deal.

And since the leagues are about revenue sharing among the owners' teams/markets, as with other businesses and franchises, owners must be leery of cannibalizing their own markets.  And television markets exceed the borders of the city limits.

For example, if you're the Giants, you want your Giants Nation and you want your television money.  Portland is in a comfy position to support the Mariners or Giants.  Or A's.

But I think with my region-(sharing)-teams model and the reality of revenue sharing and the most profitable stream of revenue being television, sharing teams could work.  It goes without saying that creativity is required.
For getting a team...
Whose is on the fence?
NFL for LA
NBA and NHL for Seattle
MLS for Charlotte and Minnesota
NBA in Louisville (who would be a major league modern newbie, much like OKC)

MLB in Portland
MLB in Charlotte

MLS for Minnesota, St. Louis.
El Paso?
San Antonio?

NFL for Portland
San Antonio?  You might want to ask the Texans and Cowboys owners first.

Think revolutionary.  Think broader.  Manifest your destiny.  For more people.

And then there's that wild mirage of a town called Las Vegas.   It has been illusive to the big leagues.  I think this city would be the biggest gainer from my shared-team model.  For instance, if Oakland is having a hard time housing the Raiders and Athletics, I bet if they changed their name to West Coast and also lived in Portland and Las Vegas, everyone would be a winner, especially West Coast apparel sales.

Who is near the fence in decades to come for things like the MLB?

or NHL

or MLS
San Diego
...a long list.

or NBA
Cincinnati, St. Louis, Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Virginia Beach.

Here's a fun gun-to-your-head exercise:  If Cincinnati and Pittsburgh had to share a new NBA team, what would it be?  The Eastern Caravan?

What would you do this year and next as NFL dictator? Give the exercise a try in your mind.  <CLICK >

West Coast Bowl

See more expansion, co-location and relocation talk for football, baseball, basketball, hockey and soccer on my blog ( see table of contents/archive):  Major League/Pro Expansion <CLICK> 
And please feel free to contribute your two cents with mine.

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