Friday, November 28, 2014

Gulf Run Rays. Major League Baseball in Monterrey, New Orleans and Tampa

Save Rays baseball.

With the looks of Tampa, what's the harm in trying it out as a travel team?

More than 2300 road miles apart, less by boat and with New Orleans in between, the home-camp stretch from the northern Mexican metropolis to the Bay of Tampa captures my imagination.  In my mind it starts with Tampa, one hell of a tv market with lackluster attendance.

Speaking of dismally attended Florida-based baseball, if I was really feeling like a toolbag, in my imagination I would lump Miami into the Coastal Run conglomerate.

Wouldn't this be the best scheme for MLB to tip toe into the Mexican waters?  And New Orleans for that matter?

But realistically... ., 2012.  No, not New Orleans 2005.

I see this as a way as showcasing the potential idea of the major leagues in more places in the form of a regional home-camp travel team.  What better way to test the waters over the period of time other than a season and being able to retract camps.  You could ditch New Orleans and pick up Charlotte for the Southern Rays or Southern Run Rays.  Think also, Virginia Beach area.  Coastal Run Atlantic City.  And on and on.

Look at some method to the madness: 

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