Saturday, November 1, 2014

Time for more MLB in the South

Chilly baseball in or around November makes me think of this idea of more baseball needed in the south.  Mr. November?  Playah please.

That and the thought that Atlanta isn't adequate enough of a hub to represent all the way from Tennessee to the Mississip' and on to Arkansas.

Tampa and Miami are a little bit of a joke to me.  Retirement communities of loyalties?  Resort towns?  Other stuff to do without watching a game -- yes, no question.

Do folks in Nashville, Memphis, Charlotte and New Orleans root for the Braves?  Little Rock?  Or whatever big league team they're affiliated with?

Another team could represent the namesake of south in the form of a travel team, taking on a southern moniker.  Southtown Sounds.  Soundawgs.  The Rays, formerly of Tampa.  Then the Florida Marlins could play again, part time in Tampa.

Don't you think some beautiful open air temples could be built in the south for MLB?

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Where and what do you think?

Southern fried okra.

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