Thursday, November 20, 2014

Southtown Soundhounds MLS Franchise

Imagine the New England Revolution playing "home" games in Boston, Hartford and Albany.

If soccer were to camp around the south, where could it play?

For the south, a regionally represented team with camp games in Nashville, Memphis, New Orleans and Atlanta could play in the South.  Also consider Louisville and Little Rock.  At this time, it might be the only real way it could succeed in the south.  They can parade around till the sport shores up way more of an American following.

So, if we were to have a Major League Soccer Franchise that starts out as a travel team, what would it be?  I'd say the Southtown Soundawgs or some such.  Soundhounds?  What about Southern Railroad?

Charlotte would probably be the most successful anchor to start docking in the south, followed by Atlanta and Nashville.  Add some blues music from Memphis and a Little Rock and band marching in New Orleans and a slow following might be built, and breakaways can ferment final homes in the likes of Atlanta and Charlotte.

NFL stadiums could be utilized and are already in place in NFL towns like Nashville, New Orleans  Atlanta and Charlotte.  Would Memphis, Louisville, Little Rock, or Birmingham eventually want a soccer-only venue?

Any input?    


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