Tuesday, March 4, 2014

MLS, Will the Major Leagues land in Austin for the first time, or will San Antonio get that Soccer team before their capital city???

City makes push to bring major league sports franchise to Austin 

-link: MLS article UPDATE

Austin is an awesome city.  I think if anybody has been to 6th street once, you'd never forget it.

The largest place without any major league teams.   San Antonio is making a bid also so that's not the greatest (or worse) news for Austin.

There's no doubt in the passion of soccer fans.  And perhaps I assume that more of you are attuned to the expansion talk going on, like Beckham's group bringing the bigtime back to Miami recently.
When the sport takes off more and more, maybe there could be more use for my talk on regional barnstormish travel camp teams.

MLS expansion deal good as done: Major League Soccer about to announce Miami as franchise No. 22


I apologize to you MLS fans that can spot my proportionate lackluster for soccer on this blog.  I didn't grow up playing soccer but it is awesome.  So I'm aging and will never be great at it.  When I found out a huge part of Steve Nash's awesomeness and footwork is attributed to world football, I thought more on it and have a lot of respect for it.  All Americans can learn from the otherworld.


She never fails me:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Expansion_of_Major_League_Soccer

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