Tuesday, December 15, 2015

What I Want for Christmas. Some Sports Expansion Teams

What I Want for Christmas.  West Coast Athletics, Clippers, Coyotes and Raiders.  The LA Rams.  Southlakes Panthers instead of just Florida. West Coast Ghosts and more

It's not quite world peace, but there would be some elation or euphoria for Portland, LA, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Charlotte and others.

Something is better than nothing and some of these cities would take part in a big league team in a league that they don't currently have....and would have had to wait years and years for, if not decades, and if not for my tag-town-team travel-team-like idea.  The NBA did it in the 70s with Missouri and Nebraska.  ( Kansas City-Omaha Kings )

And maybe some of my thoughts could come off as a Grinch or lump of coal of sorts for St. Louis, Tampa and Oakland.  But like I've blogblabbed before, Tampa could split time with Miami for the reinvigorated brand of the Florida Marlins.  Oakland could do the same with the California Angels for a southern/northern California split-time.  And they can still remain big league baseball cities with no need to rebuild.

Miami's ice hockey could be shared with Atlanta or even the likes of Austin, Texas.

Being even more generous with my wish in addition to the likes of Austin, places like Omaha, Boise, Fargo, Honolulu, San Diego and Anchorage could get in on some of the seats.  More television would sure follow.  And that's where the real big money is.

My wishes have been spouted, ever evolving and shifty in just a couple of years, but check some of them out.

July 2014:  Me as Sports Dictator. I Build. I Expand. Divide. And Conquer?! 
Aug 2015:  Next Major League Expansion Team: The Czar of Sports and ... 

So, anyway, there are some.  My more reasonable choices in the current market are relocation or co-location of existing teams.  I'd bring big baseball to Nashville and Charlotte, along with Portland and Las Vegas.  Baseball's rebirth in Montreal would include sharing in Vancouver.  Click below:

Major League Baseball in Vancouver and Montreal. Make it one team. North Country Lumberjacks
The Clippers of the West Coast would fill vacancies.  So would the Rams and Raiders.  Seattle and Portland would get hockey and Las Vegas would, also, with a share.  A Great Lakes brand would bring it to the love and likes of Milwaukee, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Indianapolis.  Hartford and Hampton Roads in on the action.  And many more.
Major League Baseball in Tennessee. How to beat out Charlotte for an Expansion Bid. New Brave King of the South.
Florida Panthers can be ridiculous. Co-Locate the Team. Rebrand. Southlakes Fisherman. 
East Coast Whalers of Norfolk and Hartford. A Two-Place Team in the NHL
The Great Lakes Fleet Force. An NHL Club for  _____________
Yankees Hockey: The Great Lakes/North Coast Hockey Team. A New NHL Franchise and Concept
Kentucky Downs. The NFL in Louisville 
Another Canadian MLB Franchise? Vancouver Athletics and Raiders? And the Norde Force Canadian NFL Team
Detroit Arsenal Major League Soccer Expansion Team

Florida Marlins or Florida Rays. A Stronger Florida Brand with Less Baseball  

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