Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Pete Rose Should Coach Baseball in Cincinnati

Let's start an amateur baseball league with a Westside and Eastside division.

We can raise funds for two ballparks, one on each side of town and have Pete Rose be a periodic guest instructor and manager for teams.  If MLB and the Reds don't show out enough for baseball and Cincinnati, let Cinci people take baseball back.

(Here, I'm putting a place mark for some more schemes later) 

Whether little league, Roy Hobbs or some new organized way, let's get'er done.  

Envision some names.

Tri-State Cincinnati-Dayton Megaplex Leagues

Gray Road Ghosts
Uptown 75ers
Downtown Dodgers
Fairborn Rangers
Amelia Barons
Eastgate Keepers
Clermont Runners
Mason Coasters
Bridgetown Oaks
275 Hamilton Co. Infielders
Butler County Outfielders
Dayton Tigers
Miami Valley Marlins
Queensgate Redlegs
Clifton Bearcubbies
Evanston Blues
Hyde Park Heckler Jeckles
Lincoln Heights Hatters
Avondale Runnin' Rabbis
Norwood Engines
St. Bernard Hot Dogs

and on and on.

Whatta' ya got?

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