Saturday, July 5, 2014

Me as Sports Dictator. I Build. I Expand. Divide. And Conquer?!

I'm going to get crazy like Saddam Hussein.  My face is going to be everywhere.  On walls.  Statues.  I'm going to be a General like Michael Jackson.  Heeeheee.

Let's say, at least in the name of craftsmanship and quality we get some facilities built,.... by 2020.

Where am I building stadiums?
I have commanded to be built this big football palace in a place called Reform, Alabama for NFL's new expansion team, the Southern Belles.  They will share time with Jacksonville, FL and Louisville.
I have built a beautiful and cozy sports complex in the Bakken Oil Field region just for the hell of it.  Because here I can.
Cincinnati is reviving the Gardens for Hockey and putting the NBA in a Forest Park site just south of north suburbia.  Cincinnati:  my Al-Awja, my Tikrit.  Cinci MLS in the suburb of Mason near Kings Island.  The Queen City Blue Collared Kings.  Or some such.  As a hometown kid I think I'll even build a bigger cathedral for the Paul Brown Bengals within view of PBS.  Maybe I'll even develop a big city shortman complex across the river in Kentucky (my New Jersey) and use the Bengals turn of the century stadium as grounds for regional High School games of the week.  And some MLS action maybe.  Big attraction for some XU and UC soccer.  Why stop there.  I'll build the Ballpark of Casino Grounds at Broadway Commons and have a large river gambling boat dock on the river.  I want what I want.  And great high school, college games can be shared at Great American with the Reds sometimes.  Some Florence Freedom games there.  Cincinnati Bow Ties minor league ball.  Let's get crazy with this shit.

What kind of crazy traveling teams can I come up with?  A Western Battalion?  An Eastern Brigade?  What towns would they fill?  NBA B-ball Interstate-75 Roadrunners, Roaddawgs or the so-called Pistons of Detroit, Dayton, Knoxville and Tampa?

Let's do some divvying and expanding up to 2025 or so.  Even though I'm king, I'm still somewhat considerate of economics.  Things like big league baseball are charming for the Big Easy, but New Orleans will share.  Stuff like that.

Sorry Oakland.  You're sharing the West Coast A's with Portland and Vegas.
The California Angels also play in Sactown.
I command thy Rangers to share play in a new awesome Austin location, perhaps San Marcos as the in between for San Antonio commuters.
Tampa Rays are now the Coastal Run Rays balling in a crazy state of the art facility on the infield of a greater Charlotte speedway for up and coming racers.  Serious consideration is given to share some Florida Marlins action in Tampa and losing the Rays altogether.  Charlotte and Atlantic City can be the East Coast Rays or Kings.  Maybe some action for the Saint Louisville Cardinals with some games in Louisville.
The Eastland Pirates play along I-70 in Pittsburgh, Columbus and Indy.  Should I throw in Montreal in that mix?  Or should I just grant them the Mounties (or save that for Vancouver or share the A's for BC?) or call them the Expos again in a smaller smarter facility.  Quebec Queens or Kings?  I'd surely need counsel. 

Expansion occurs for the Southtown Sound Dogs playing the Nashville, Memphis and New Orleans circuit.
Jacksonville builds a pillared throwback charm ballpark to share the Florida Marlins and then they stop dressing like Gloria Estaphan.
Maybe the Pirates can play in C-bus and Montreal while Louisville and Indianapolis can have the Crossroads Racers of thoroughbred and indycar style.  Was considering the Roundabout Racer and having Charlotte in the mix. 
Years down the road we're thinking Western Rattlers or Cowboys baseball for Albuquerque, San Antonio, SLC, Boise, those Bakken oil fields and OKC brand ball.
Southern Draw of Arkansas and Alabama ilk.
4 expansion teams or so trickling in over a decade..  A dozen new town places?  Rays, A's and Pirates shares.
Look at the new towns with MLB.

Jaguars become the Norde Force in Canada.
The West Coast Raiders play in Portland and Vegas also.  The Los Angeles Rams are back.  The Southern Saints play in Arkansas now, too.  The Southern Belles are balling in Jacksonville, Louisville and west of Tuscaloosa/Birmingham in Reform.  SEC alive.  Maybe it's the Delta Boatsman or Gatekeepers of Louisville and St. Louis.  Imagine the silhouette of a lineman looking akin to an arch.

The Kentucky Colonels hit the big facilities of KY.
Expansion also occurs for Kansas City and Las Vegas in the form of the Great West Gamblers.
The River Runners are of St. Louis and Pittsburgh
The Cincinnati Blue Collars play the Courts at Cincinnati Mall (Cincinnati Mills/Forest Fair).  Perhaps the Robertson Lucas Fieldhouse at Cincinnati Commons.  Or Gardens.  Or the Royal Court at Queen City Commons.  Yeah, I like that.
The Western Grizzlies play in SLC also.  New Orleans drops the pelican act.
4 newbies in the league.

The Big O.  Oscar Robertson.

A coliseum in Cinci is renovated.  The Cincinnati Gardens will have the Ohio Blue Jackets with C-bus.
Great Lakes Armada is expanded for Milwaukee/Cleveland
Seattle and Portland share something.  Western Wolf Pact of formerly Coyotee brand could play in Vegas and these places.
The Predators are Southern and in Atlanta also. 
So it adds up to one new American team and that Toronto2 or Quebec City franchise.

Cincinnati Redlegs futbol.  For all else,  I don't care at present.  Some good noise against Columbus.  Maybe we could be called the King's Men.  Or the Queen's Men.  I think MLS would do well to have a WMLS league and have such a game before or after the men's match.  Girls play soccer too.  Queen City Queens playing after the Cincinnati Monarch would be excellent.

So, the craziest build is out in the west boomtown of the Dakotas.  Some would say the destination of Reform, Alabama is a little whack. Building the old intention of baseball on Cincinnati Broadway against the taxpayer is whacky and so will be my murals.

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