Monday, September 1, 2014

Another Canadian MLB Franchise? Vancouver Athletics and Raiders? And the Norde Force Canadian NFL Team.

I have mumbled it before.  The Norde Force being an NFL team that travels up to 8 sites (CFL facilities) for home (camp) games during the regular season.  The CFL could co-exist.  Like we Yanks have Saturday and Sunday football.  Maybe the NFL will become like their college ball is to us.  Maybe the CFL will.

I have also mumbled for Oakland's NFL and MLB team uprooting, at least in part, to relocate to other towns.  Name it "West Coast" and the city sites seem limitless, especially for the NFL.  Most notably, Los Angeles, Portland and Las Vegas.  Stretch further and you're talking Salt Lake City, Albuquerque and Boise.  And yes, Honolulu and Anchorage.  Mostly suitable football stadiums exist.  Capacity-wise for sure, considering that for all intents and purposes this would be a full-time travel team.

Why in my previous post have I suggested a name like the Norde Force (North (Canadian) Mounties)???  To take out blatant nationalism.

Another way to further dull nationalism of place would be to include Vancouver, British Columbia, off of the Pacific Coast, into the West Coast fold.  Essentially, British Columbians could enjoy home camp games for two NFL teams.  A rivalry against the Seahawks with a home game per year for the West Coast Raiders.  And a home game or two for the Norde Force.

Part-time hometeam town for the West Coast Athletics playing in northern California, Portland, Las Vegas and Vancouver could be neat also.  That's 20 games at each site.  Maybe a few exhibition games in Alaska and Hawaii, certainly for Honolulu in Spring Training.
For the NFL, today I would just flat out move the Raiders or Rams back to Los Angeles.  I would further name them perhaps the California Raiders.
And for MLB, consider letting the California Angels be shared in Oakland.

More markets achievable with a lot of logistics and some marketing creativity.  And the money sits there.

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  1. A good name for a Toronto NFL team would be the Toronto Golden Horseshoe. The Golden Horseshoe is a secondary region of Southern Ontario, Canada, which includes the Greater Toronto area as well as the cities of Hamilton, and Niagara.

    1. That's what I'm screaming.