Thursday, December 31, 2015

Sports Expansion and Some Co-location. If I were Caesar and Building Ballparks

Many team ideas have been mentioned in my blog before 
and so from east to west I'd build the following:

I'd do a renovation in Buffalo, upping the number of seats so the Yankees would come to town for regular season games from time to time.  I'd build a ballyard in Albany so the Mets could do the same thing.

New ballyard in Montreal and some baseball fitting for BC Place in Vancouver.

Retractable stadium in Columbus.  The Ohio Battle Dome.  The Reds could Play in Indians there the day after Christmas some years.

Reform, Alabama (Think spreading the Jaguars across the south)
(NFL in Alabama)

I was considering a new football building in Louisville, but even Caesar had some sensibilities and I believe the community will come together, even ecologically, for a duel NCAA Cardinals support paired with a NFL Kentucky Downs franchise in the same Papa John's Stadium or whatever I would rename it.  In much of my expansion argument, even though both footballs (meaning soccer too) are only a weekend (weekly) venue,....there isn't a dire necessity to build a brand new place.  There are a lot of football stadiums in America with plenty of seats.

MLB 35,000 seat stadiums in Charlotte, Nashville, Memphis and New Orleans.

The same for Omaha, Oklahoma City, and a 40k seat park in San Marcos, Texas.

35k seater in Albuquerque, Salt Lake City and Boise.
40k in Portland, Sacramento, Riverside and Vegas.
I'd build a soccer stadium, maybe even a Major League Soccer gem in Tucson.

What about a floating baseball stadium?  Or football/soccer?  Or court/rink?
The West Coast Clippers could play basketball in a mega cruiser and dock from San Diego to Seattle.  From time to time it could venture to Alaska and Honolulu.  It could battle in the big Bay.
Could you see big league baseball floating to New Orleans?  Could you envision a Southern Bells brand?  Floating to Havana or Puerto Rico.  Docking at Virginia Beach?  Basketball around the rivers of Louisville and St. Louis?  A lot of thoughts there, right?

Hmmmm, what else?

Coming Soon or soonish' to your port....A post (from the past and another) in the works:  Floating Stadiums
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