Sunday, December 13, 2015

Expansion of Locationing. The Drafts

Look at the Draft locations for the Big Five sports leagues.  I'm referring to the site where they're publicly maneuvering for Draft Picks into the leagues.

Just thinking that there could be some more rotation going on.  My lovely Cincinnati is hosting the All-Star Game this year.  Share the love with the rest of the league.

NYC does football, right?

It's been in NYC the last 50 years.

Before that, other places have been Philadelphia, D.C., Chicago, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh and the City of Angels.

How about we try some other spots?

How are these other leagues doing it?
NBA.  Is it NYC?

The NHL does a circuit nowadays:

MLS?  They do a circuit of sorts wherever the National Coaches Convention is held.  Last year was in Philly.  January 2016 will be in Baltimore.

MLB:  Geepers creepers this is tough.  Maybe I should've posted this after I found and answer, but I'm just out of patience.  Not a lot of pomp behind America's pastime.  

Where are these drafts being held?  Perhaps MLB will come out with an MLB2 Network when they feel there is room for more dollars and will make more pomp and ceremony of the MLB Draft.  Business is still evolving and the money marketing is being staggered.  They'll likely start re-runs of the draft so as not to jump on top of the games as they're being played.

See what I'm cookin'?

If you ask me, it looks like the Big 3 need to get with it more like hockey and soccer.

 We all would like to see the stuff up close.


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