Saturday, August 8, 2015

The Czar of Sports and Professional Sports Expansion. Maybe a Ridiculous Dictator, 2015


It may only be an expansion of territory or fan base, but an expansion nonetheless.  Though maybe not practical at this time, I'm doing it anyway in Imaginationland.  So here's how I would start to shake it up, from building in central Texas and west central Alabama to sharing the Clippers in Seattle and Southern California.
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San Marcos, Texas
A major sports complex is constructed in San Marcos.  The Central Texas Sports World.
-A wonderful recreational commute for residents of Austin and San Antonio to San Marcos, which is about 30 miles for each respective area, this is where I'm putting an NFL, MLS, NHL and MLB stadium.
The Texas Rangers play some time there.  An expansion (or relocated/rebranded) hockey team.  Let's go with the NHL Panthers vacating Miami to become the Texas Stampede.  An expansion MLS club (Texas Divided) and a place for Houston to play once in awhile for now.  I would consider sharing the Austin or central Texas brand with Las Vegas.

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Here are some franchises on the block:
NHL - Predators, Coyotes, Panthers are getting relocated or moved (disbanded or whatever)
MLB- The West Coast Athletics are playing elsewhere in addition to Oakland, which is a short drive to Giantslands
NBA- Grizzlies may just become the Southland Grizzlies with Louisville.  Clippers in Seattle also.
MLS-Western Stampede  A series of games played in Louisville, Austin and Las Vegas.  New stadiums or existing structures, whatever.

Florida Marlins
Tampa gets baseball but only part time under the Florida Marlins franchise

South Bay Rays and nicknamed Southern Run Rays.  Or should I consider them to be the Tampa Bay-Monterrey Rays for a part-time Mexican tag team like I have in previous blog posts?


The Norde Force in NFL sharing time throughout CFL facilities.  Best ratings for television in the league.

California Angels
Sacramento is your northern Cali stay.


West Coast Raiders
Los Angeles Rams are back.  Sorry, St. Louis.

West Coast Athletics and the West Coast Raiders
Las Vegas
You're welcome.

It's now the West Coast Clippers with time in Seattle.

Reform, Alabama
A stadium is built for the Southern Belles in the NFL A tailgaters pilgrimage and I shut my mouth.  Louisville is the second site for the tag team.  If you build it ... .

The Jaguars are no more.  The Norde Force camps throughout CFL Canadian stadiums spreading the love out.  Speaking of Canada...

The NHL sees some changes as well.
Southland Predators play in Atlanta, also.
The Panthers are no more.  The West Coast Cattle Drive play in Austin and Las Vegas.
The Western Fleet are an expansion to Portland and Seattle with time afloat to the likes of Honolulu and Anchorage.  A special ship stadium is built - a ten thousand seat floating arena.

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