Sunday, December 13, 2015

Desired Expansion in the CFL ?

This article helped school me and get my bearings:

I have spouted before that as far as a major football expansion, I've only found Toronto and Louisville to be slam dunks today in the NFL.  Maybe Birmingham.  They had a CFL team before.  Other old looks that maybe look good are San Antonio and Las Vegas.

The CFL stands at 9 teams, so a tenth would help even it out.  I looked at the list to include French and greater Toronto towns, and though I like the idea of Halifax, I like Louisville more.  CFL basically put the Ravens and Baltimore back on the Super Bowl map, so I'm very confident Kentucky would take to the pro brand representation up north.  And with another expansion, we could see a Halifax - Las Vegas ushering.

Okay, so my vote is my schemed Kentucky Downs.
(check it out:  Kentucky Downs. The NFL in Louisville  )

 Also check this and those: 
Another Canadian MLB Franchise? Vancouver Athletics and Raiders? And the Norde Force Canadian NFL Team

I have a lot of confidence in the CFL being bold.

Detroit Arsenal Major League Soccer Expansion Team

Florida Marlins or Florida Rays. A Stronger Florida Brand with Less Baseball

Ontario Gold Horseman NHL Expansion Team should be NEXT 

Major League Baseball in Vancouver and Montreal. Make it one team. North Country Lumberjacks

NFL in Alabama 

Florida Marlins or Florida Rays. A Stronger Florida Brand with Less Baseball

The Ottawa Sun

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