Tuesday, December 1, 2015

About College Baseball and Hockey Getting Bigger

Minor League football and basketball has had a minor league system for years called the NCAA.  Basketball has had the D-League for a minute.  And there is some momentum if it isn't just talk for minor league football.

Baseball and hockey have had players mature and prosper through the college ranks but their main feeders have been their farm clubs and affiliates.  Could boosters keep their crowds hot for their students in alumni in the Spring for baseball?  Hockey schools usually keep a reasonably small amount of seating, kind of like UC Bearcat baseball's 2k seats.

There has been a hum about wood bats coming to college.  I think the whistle ping of bats is going out of style.  Baseball and hockey don't generally garner crowds the like of Division I College programs.

So anyway, that's a big no-duh to many sports fans.  How can baseball and hockey become more hyped and hoot-worthy?

2,200 record crowd for UC Bearcats home campus game.
No need for outfield seating for this stadium nestled on campus

24,000 seats at the World Series every year in Omaha

See your place in the Index Key

See much more expansion, co-location and relocation talk for the

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