Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Some Soccer Expansion Team Name Considerations

Sure, it might be way down the road, but FC this and FC that all the time seems a little lackluster to a kiddy brain such as myself.  I like some twist to a more traditional "United" and Americanafying it to "Divided", as in the case with a Cincinnati/Cleveland share (with Columbus in between) and "Excited", which is more modern.

San Diego Football Padres    FC Madre Padre

The Brooklyn Football Dodgers

Santa Fe-El Paso Express

FC Southwest (Tucson-Albuquerque or El Paso)

Midland Road Warriors of Oklahoma City-Omaha

St. Louis     Rafts
      FC Louis with Louisville and New Orleans, the Crown? I dislike the Cards enough to not give the town    the Shield because it sounds so awesome.  St. Louis Shield?

Cincinnati Arsenal, the Monarchs?        

Ohio United of Toledo/Cleveland

Dakota Diesel
North Coast Truckers

Could we go even Beyond Region with concerns to my tag-team-towns model? 

FC Seaboard or .... or FC Navy
Baltimore, Newport News, Jacksonville and Hartford?  The East Coast Navy.  Shipmen?
D.C. Baltimore United? Could it be? Congrats on the new Stadium.

East Coast Brigade.  Would that gain an army veteran following?

Some of the ones that can be seen in my blog before are Ohio Divided, Texas Excited......
Ohio United. Or call it an Ohio Divided Team. Cincinnati-Dayton Metroplex  
Texas Excited and more MLS Presence Out West

 Nothing more flavorful than Sacramento Republic, or is that how it works,...a promotion?

 Whata' ya' think?
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