Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Do Carolina and the Caps Screw Virginia Beach-Hampton Roads Out of a Shot?

Look at the map.  Yeah it does.

But there are rumbles:  nhl.nbcsports.com/2015/12/11/virginia-beach-arena-developer-to-aggressively-pursue-nhl-team

Are we talking New Jersey level population and proximity?  Less than 180 miles is the distance from D.C. but the Caroline is right up against their shoulders.  Less than 2 million people in the area don't make it a slam dunk for hockey.  Yep, slippery from the NBA, also.

Before, I have ran my mouth that the most likely eastern American candidate would be Indianapolis.
I offered a solution to Virginia Beach awhile ago:

East Coast Whalers of Norfolk and Hartford. A Two-Place Team in the NHL

I'm not sure who I would think to be braver with the Beach, the Association or League (because of their Vegas flashings).  Competition in the east is with Louisville b-ball, which is sure to get the nod, so I'm guessing it would be the big VA when it's hockey time and there are 36 or 38 teams in the league, certainly with the current model for teams and expansions.  Just think, there are going to be 34 teams and Seattle and Portland likely aren't in on the deal yet.

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