Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Let's Get a Bootleggers Major League Soccer Brand in the South !!!!

Charlotte and Nashville could do Major League Soccer.  And with the college and junior soccer ambiance in North Carolina, I think Charlotte would be the best fit.

A combination of cities as a share could be found in the mix of Memphis, New Orleans, Birmingham and maybe even Jacksonville.

Wouldn't a team called Southern United, also known as the Bootleggers, be a badass rebellion brand for regional powerhouse pride?  I'd call it a powerbrand.  FC Dixie sounds cool but it might be a little too charged.

With my camp travel team tag-team-town model, both types of football, being played once a week, doesn't sell as well as the sports with more games like baseball, basketball and hockey.  So, it would likely be at two-fixed places unless the soccer brand traveled to existing football stadiums, plentiful across America.  But let's say two MLS cathedrals were built in two spots for one brand.  I'll go with Charlotte and Nashville.

Should we call it The Bootleggers of Appalachia United?
There are plenty of plays on a southern brand in sports to generate apparel sales to way beyond the fandom.  In my blog, brands touted have ranged from a hockey Southlakes Fisherman to the Southland Band.
Devils Cut sounds narley?

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