Tuesday, February 3, 2015

New Jersey Major League Baseball Team. And what about Buffalo?

The New Jersey Barons.  That name sound good?
Or the Jets?  They could play in Jersey and Buffalo under the name "Empire" or "East Coast"

Let's talk, 125 miles from NYC, and 60 miles from Philadelphia, is Atlantic City.
Newark is the most populated Jersey place, and part of the New York metropolitan squeeze.
These Jersey locations are very sandwiched in between Philly and NYC.
Mid-Atlantic is a term that encompasses cities without baseball, like Buffalo.
But I think "East Coast" would be a neat name for a team that camps.  Charlotte could be a site of travel-tag-team participation under this name.
I would love to see an intimate grounds in baseball the size of a minor league park built in Atlantic City.

 Let's say a smaller, intimate ballpark, perhaps with expensive tickets with raffling was abound in the gambling town of Atlantic City.  And big ballpark was built on the western outskirts of Newark?  A retro-upgrade of the stadium already poised to go in Buffalo and the Atlantic Barons Baseball Club (East Coast Barons) could juice up Buffalo and bring New Jersey rivalry to the Mets, Phils and Yanks in passionate neighborhood honor.  I'm afraid the proximity of it all would compel too many folks to dissolve into blows defending the honor of their home park.  Fun.

Names?  Shippers.  Shipmen.  Navigators.  Barons.  Fleet.  Jets?  The likes of Buffalo and New Jersey on down to Charlotte.  Dominance could be stretched down to Jacksonville/Orlando (think Disney ball park) as an option.

The imagination could go so many places with this.  House a team in Las Vegas part-time and you could have a "North American Jets" team that stands to play ball camped at "home" in one of the most alluring places in sports.  It's a portable name with leverage and feelers for markets in baseball.

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  2. New Jersey Knights would be a likeable one for baseball movie buffs