Friday, February 6, 2015

The "Fighting English" as a Name for a Sports Team ?

I personally like it.  And I didn't say "Fightin'..." either.  The proper way to say "Fighting", is properly English.  Could that be the name for, let's say, a London team in the NFL?  Or would that be too faux pas  for a Patriots matchup with a London, Vancouver or Toronto franchise?

What's funny is the feel about the name with regards to modern times and political correctness.

Alcoholism is a sad thing and a funny Irish thing, although not exclusive to the Irish.  The obviousness you probably already know about is Notre Dame.  I have no problem, and in fact a little bit of pride in the Fightin' Irish name.  If we're (all) speaking English, is it the same feeling or spirit?  Is it too much of an official and insensitive declaration?  Or are the truly powerful (or less insecure) less sensitive?

More importantly, for a crass bastard like me what would this logo look like?
Would it be properly regimental?  Or just a crest?
Can we get a kilt with that cartoon character?

I like the thought of grit.

Could we call something the "Fighting Anglish" ?
Could the "Fightin' Emissaries" play American Football in Nebraska and London ?  I think so.

A Tilted Kilt location in Toronto
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