Friday, February 13, 2015

Major League Baseball in Las Vegas

Look at the below map.  Which team would do best to premiere a couple home stands of regular season series in Las Vegas?

The Padres have the least amount of historical nostalgia on this map with concerns to MLB history.
And which territory could stretch itself for more fan support?
The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim is the name of a team already.
So what about the Los Angeles Dodgers of Las Vegas?  What about a certain amount of series taking place in a newly built Vegas ballpark?
San Diego Padres of Vegas?

And what about the Arizona Diamondbacks of Las Vegas.  That would be my vote if a share of a relocated/co-located Athletics didn't come to be.  One shared for Las Vegas and/or a Oakland/Portland partnership.  Envision, the West Coast Athletics.  Below-linked I talk about it.  I also talk of a team that would be housed in the Inland Empire (Riverside/San Bernadino California area as well as Las Vegas).  Las Vegas could afford the venue for sure. 


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Sorry, Vegas soccer fans:
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