Sunday, February 1, 2015

Memphis: Visiting the Possibility of more Pro Sports

There is magnetism in the state of Tennessee.  200 miles away in the state's heart is Nashville.  They already house the Titans and Predators.  It's only fair that you get the big league baseball squad right?  It can still be called Tennessee where the Grizzlies roam.  You almost had that NFL team in the 90s, right?

1.3 million folks in Memphis versus 1.5 in Nashville.  The Volunteer state has two Triple-A baseball affiliates and they're in both spots.  Wouldn't it be nice for the Grizzlies and Titans to play in both towns?  Because, I'm afraid, if it really comes down to it the way things are, Nashville would get the nod.  And you will still just have your Redbirds.

Memphis Redbird landing spotted.
The distance from Memphis upriver to their major league St. Louis squad is about 30 miles more than that of the distance between the Reds and Indians.

If there was to be a 2 team expansion, my guess would be Nashville and Charlotte, if not just Montreal and Charlotte.

The Tennessee Smokies and Southern Run Rays would be nice.  A team that would cover the two aforementioned southern towns, if not Memphis, and maybe New Orleans and Tampa, if not including the likes of Monterrey, would be neat.  An exponential expansion out west could also include a travel-tag-team  between western cities.  Let me give you an example:
The West Coast A's could play in Oakland and Portland and something to the effect of a Western Run Wolf Pack or Pioneers squad could take root in places like Omaha, OKC, SLC and Boise.  It's a romantic thought anyway.

But for Memphis, I like that minor league squad's name in Knoxville.  And I wish Major League Tennessee brand baseball would play in both the big cities for your state to enjoy, even if it took one team to play in two towns.

If you like the NHL, consider a pact with Nashville to change both of your brands (yours being the Grizzlies) to the umbrella name of "Tennessee".  I'm sure for MLS, you know the likes of St. Louis, Minnesota and others are ahead in line.

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