Sunday, February 1, 2015

Big Baseball back in Montreal after a decade absence ?

In the coming decades will it happen?

Probably later than sooner, I say.
And I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Being an internet searcher of the subject, I'm sure you've seen the lip service that the two most recent baseball commissioners have given to it being possible.  Well yeah!  We all know that.  It's certainly the biggest city in eastern North America to be able to beckon a team.  Personally, I think you deserve it over Miami, I don't care how many Latinos or Cubans reside there.  But nonetheless, baseball would probably be given a shot to the likes of Charlotte and maybe even Nashville before the French populated place in provincial Quebec.  I do think that a relocation isn't out of the question.

Personally, I'm not rooting against Montreal, but my thoughts and 'passionlessness regarding the return of MLB to town is much like how I feel about the NBA returning to Vancouver.  You took your shot and the free throw missed at the baseline of your heart. - Not all people of your city, but enough of them.  And I feel there are many more deserving cities are ahead of you in line.  And sheesh, it can make for some cold baseball up north.  But Montreal is indeed a beautiful city!  And a dome isn't out of question.
Much of the American baseball world feels the same way, I'm sure.  And as far as the NHL goes, I'm sure your enthusiasm is justifiably so for more and more American participation in the NHL, especially our southern franchises.

One day though, I'm sure.

Perhaps you can entertain some options that could bolster your argument for baseball - sharing.  I have considered cities with a mediocre shot to maybe consider teaming up with other cities (tag-teaming),
and justifying the attendance, which may be lacking according to MLB big business standards.  I normally would consider this to be a regional endeavor.  For instance:
Let's say Oakland never gets a new stadium.  Plus, baseball is just about 20 miles away, the Giants.
Imagine this:

-The West Coast Athletics could play in Oakland, AND a new stadium in Portland and/or Las Vegas.  Or consider Sacramento (a viable option).
-The California Angels could additionally play in Oakland (upon a relocated A's).
-A Marlin team, named Florida again, could play in St. Petersburg, freeing up a move of the Rays to Montreal.  Rebrand.  Do you thing.
-A team in Tennessee that plays in Nashville and Memphis, spreading the love across the state.  On and on.
It's a redundant theme in my blog, with many combinations thought-treed.
Outside of the box (stadium) thinking.

But yeah, as a Montreal fan, you could split time as Canadian Travelers between your city and Vancouver.  BC Place is already in place, yet I wouldn't consider Vancouver on its own.  I would lump them with your or a West Coast Athletics brand.

Or even consider Montreal tag-teaming as a French Embassy branded squad as the Cajuns in New Orleans (an American city not up to the viable requirements for an MLB economy, least on its own).

To make your case, and see what you want sooner, you may have to come up with an out-of-the-box scheme, something unconventional, even if it's the Canadian Blue Jays.  You're a wonderful place of convention.  Display a pitch towards innovation!  Tag team now, and show Montreal's eventual place as a standalone breakaway.  Invest your thoughts and patience prevails.

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