Friday, February 13, 2015

Inland Empire Emperors. #MLBExpansion Relocation and Co-Location Las Vegas MLB

The 13th biggest metropolitan area in America has what for America's past time?  A reasonable drive west to the Angels or Dodgers or maybe the Padres.

The minor league 66ers Club.

Let us call a new team the Emperors.  Perhaps a penguin on a future Buffalo MLB team in the Empire State, but I'm just brainstorming.  The IE. Examples sounds pretty hilarious.

If you built the Empire's ball park in between Riverside and San Bernardino you would have about an equidistant triangle for Anaheim, LA and Inland's team spread of stadiums.  This would kind of be reminiscent of baseball's NYC past with a simultaneous Giants, Dodgers and Yankees co-existence. 

200 miles northeast is Las Vegas.  This would be a great place for the Inland Empire's second stadium.  Sharing claim with the city of Sin can possess shine in the east Los Angeles area over that of the Hollywood coast glitz and glam.

Personally, as can be seen throughout my blog, I have a preference for the West Coast brand.  (ie. the West Coast Athletics of Las Vegas, Portland and/or Oakland/Sacramento) and a California Angels co-location in Oaktown or Sac-town.

And at this time I sensibly prefer relocation (co-location) over expansion.  So, in the name of spreading the love to the likes of Portland, I don't really see expansion happening for the Inland Empire soon at all.  But with Las Vegas and two stadiums, I see the brand possible.

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