Sunday, February 1, 2015

Professional Sports Expansion in the Midwest?

Where are the suitable vacancies?
What would be a good name?
Would you consider a travel-tag-team (2 cities as the home for one team)?  In other words, would you rather have something than nothing?

What is the potential you see in the map?  Could Kansas City-Omaha have an NHL franchise (much like they used to in the NBA)?  Omaha-Milwaukee-Cleveland is a good spread.  Oil money in North Dakota could make for something nice further north.

Could another fallback for a flailing and failing NBA or NHL team be another Chicagoland franchise?

What would you call a team geographically placed in the Midwest that camps in a few towns?
Longshoreman, Dockers, Rangers, Packers, Shippers, Roadwarriors?
Which league?  In terms of attendance and highest economic requirements to house a sport, this is the order (of difficulty):  MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA and MLS.

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Mid-American Cities that should Get More Pro Teams. And Austin.

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