Sunday, February 1, 2015

Montreal: Visiting the Possibility of more Pro Sports. And Paris. And in London and the Greater Britain.

There are those that obviously pain that there is no Montreal Expos or Nationals playing in the metropolis of Quebec.  I've talked about it before in the blog, article:  (click) Big Baseball back in Montreal after a decade absence ?

NFL:  Having the French slant, I don't see it sooner than baseball, though I've blogged about having an NFL franchise called the Norde Force which would rotate throughout CFL Canada to take on all of their foes south.  In achieving an eventuality for the NFL to land in Europe, I think a great way to go about it is to have the Montreal Fightin' Frenchman camp part-time throughout the regular season in Paris.  Emissaries of sorts as the team calls both places "home".  On that note:  I think it would be interesting for the Patriots to share time between Foxboro and London (go with British red uniforms to include Red  or White Socks while nearer the Queen).  New York Jets for a traveling-tag-team seems like a fit.  A lot of football already for NYC-Jersey.  The Jets being considered having ports in Portland, Toronto and London is an interesting thought.  And if L.A. can't get a team of their own soon... .

I would expect that the NBA is on par with getting a team to Montreal much like the NFL.  Same idea as above:  touch ground with Paris.  Celtics in Dublin.  Cavaliers in London

Congratulations on your great hockey and major league soccer squads.  Keep your chin up and MLB will be back.  You're too big to blink at.

Grit and nostalgia!

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