Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Arizona Diamondbacks of Albuquerque MLB Expansion

I know.  Las Vegas would be a better idea as a combination of towns:

ie.  San Diego Padres of Vegas ( click:  Major League Baseball in Las Vegas ) 
I could say a venue for the Las Vegas Diamondbacks of Arizona or some such.

New Mexico is sandwiched in between Texas Rangers and Diamondback country.  Topped off by Rockies.
There is alliteration in the name Arizona D'Backs of Albuquerque and it's a closer camp to the home field than is Dallas.

Equidistant to this possible Diamondback claim I say is the Colorado Rockies home in Denver.
Aesthetically, as well, both Colorado's team and that of Arizona can lay claim.  The color of the ground around Albuquerque has more of the desert flair of Arizona.  While I give the mountain'esque view a little more similarity on the side with Denver, Phoenix is a part of a mountain chain as well.

It's an aesthetic dream either way.  I'm sure those in New Mexico would love either way for a MLB brand of Albuquerque.
About 400 miles apart, it's about the same distance apart as the combat grounds of the Reds is to the Braves.  Asking baseball fans from Kentucky or Tennessee which brand of baseball they identify with might be murkier than asking a New Mexican if they prefer the 'Backs, Rockies or Rangers, but I know how a brand could lock in more loyalty.  A 20,000 seat adobe ball park would be neat to envision if the 13k current seats in town isn't suitable for MLB, where the Isotopes AAA baseball team plays. It's affiliated currently with the Rockies.  But right now, I'm talking one series.  A most appropriate site for a Rockies and Diamondbacks showdown.

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